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TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Malang is famous for its beautiful beaches that also become one of the most favorite tourist destinations. One of the most beautiful beaches in Malang that will amaze the visitors is Goa Cina Beach.

This beach is located in Tumpak Awu, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan sub-district. This beach used to be named as Indah Rowo Beach. However, its name changed into ‘Goa Cina’ after the death of a Chinese meditator in the cave around this beach.

As the name says, Goa Cina beach has a small cave that is located 50 meters from the right side of the beach, sitting on the coral hills. This cave is only a hollow huge stone with 8-meter long and 2-meter high. Anyone can easily get into this cave gandar it has a relatively broad space.

In addition to that, this beach also has a strange natural phenomenon. It has waves that come from three different directions – south, east, and west – that collide and meet between Bantengan Island and Nyonya Island. The collision of these waves is hard, resulting a rumbling noise.

Goa Cina Beach has a stunning scenery, crystal-clear greenish-blue seawater, white soft sand and coral reefs. The coral island near the coast line also adds aesthetic value to Goa Cina Beach. This coral island will be connected to the shoreline at low tide.

You can find many places of worship and local vendors around the beach. If you want to reach this beach, you have to go through Kolom Lingkar Selatan (South Cross Street) Malang, where you can find many road signs made of bamboo pointing to the directions that you have to take to get to the location. However, you have to be careful on the roads, as they are winding around the ravines. (*)