Bonus harian di Keluaran HK 2020 – 2021.

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – KH. Umar Syahid or commonly known by the local community as Mbah Umar Tumbu was a respected religious leader at its time. He was ahumble religious leader which work as a craftsman and seel some bamboo basket (tumbu), that’s where he got his name from.

According to Suwito, a local community Umar Tumbu loves to spend his time praying and meditating at Kali Mason or Mason river at Krajan Kulon, Mantren, Pacitan, East Java during his spare time.

“He loves to meditate on what so we call as tumpak rock at Kali Mason, next to the palm tree,” Suwito, a 62 year old guy of Mantren said on Monday (19/7/2021).

Kali Mason is a local river with crystal clear water. It never run out of water even on the worse day of summer. The local community often use this river as water resources whenever they run out of water during summer.

Not only Mbah Umar Tumbu, there are some other religious leader such as Syeh Subakir who loves to spend their time meditating and praying in this place.

The beauty of the river, and the sound of the creek flowing suspected to be the main reason why they love this place. The natural scenery and all the surrounding make this place gives such solemnity in serenity. 

Since 2019, the local village administrators has think of making this place as one attractive tourist destination by planting several veggies and build some orchards for agrotourism. Petilasan Mbah Umar Tumbu at Kali Mason Pacitan will give lots of value and experience when you visit the place.