Bonus harian di Keluaran HK 2020 – 2021.

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The management of Permata Pilang Beach Probolinggo, East Java has another concept to attract the visitor coming to their area as well joining the coach conservation. They educate the visitors with the smallest thing they could do for to Beach.

“For you who would like to learn new things while enjoying your holiday, we have nice Edutainment package for you by joining the conservation team,” the Director of TKP4 Mahmud Zain said on Sunday (4/7/2021).

Tour de area at Permata Pilang becah.

Mahmud also stated some during the occasion the visitors will also taken to learn more about the nature and ocean diversity. They will be assisted by a biology experts during their time at Permata Pilang Beach Probolinggo.

Besides, the visitors will be taken to join mangrove planting, and do some fun activities. They will also taken to enjoy local dishes which made of the seafood they catch from the ocean. Some oyster, crabs, and else will be served during lunch time.

The outdoor activities at Permata Pilang Beach.

“Come on, what else were you waiting for? Let’s have fun while conserving the nature at Permata Pilang Beach Probolinggo, for more information you could contact us on +6285259380142,” Mahmud ended. (*)