TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Kedung Cowek Fortress of Surabaya has become one popular spot to spend the evening by the local community. This spot has also been used by several photographers to create and capture a precious moment such as pre-wedding or another photo-shoot.

Located next to Jembatan Suramadu or Suramadu Bridge (the gigantic bridge that connects two islands, Java-Madura) this fortress has wonderful scenery. The lush of green trees around the fortress has made this place look more stunning.  

You could even see a beautiful big blue sea from the top of the fortress. The sound of wave cracking the reef and the wind that blows and tenderly touch your skin will spoil you while you spending your tie at this fortress.

Kedung Cowek Fortress was built in 1910 by the Dutch during the colonial time. The fortress has become an eyewitness of how colonial take over the area at that time.

This place has become more popular recently thanks to the internet. “I came to this place for a snap or two. And I find it out from the internet, ” Faiz Fatoni, a local visitor said on Sunday (6/9/2020).

Surprisingly, you don’t need to for ticket to get in to Kedung Cowek Fortress Surabaya. You can go there for free. Sadly, this historical place hasn’t gotten more attention from the local government that it becomes a little bit creepy at night for the lack of lighting. (*)