Info seputar HK Prize 2020 – 2021.

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Cluttering has become a bad habit for some people in the world. Lots of them just keep piles of things they don’t need, even some trash. And it makes them difficult to have a free clutter home, and away from the word immaculate.  

Some people will have some difficulty to change this habit. The just love to live in it, sometimes they just tidy it up when the door bell rang. Or, deep clean everything when your parents, mother in law or some one of your family plans to visit.

However, there are easy ways to live free from clutter. A you need to do is persistence and commitment to do all those easy steps. So, what are those easy steps to do?

1. Believe

First thing first, all you need to do is to believe that you could live in a free clutter home. Seeing your house fill of clutter will be an eye rolling thing to have. Like you don’t want to live in it but you are stuck in this place, forever.

All you need to do is believe that you can make things better, and start decluttering everything step to step. From the knick knack drawer, to all those pile of clothes, and all items. Just believe that you are able to finish them all up.

2. Remove excessive things

You should start to thing that to remove things that you don’t need, and don’t use. Especially those things you never touch within a year or at least in the last 6 month. Your book collection, your clothing collection, shoes, sentimental items, things need to be shorted.

3. Awal from the easiest place

Pick the place with less clutter to start such as your bed room or living room. Once you see it done, you will feel some satisfaction, something that fill the gap in your soul. And this will bring some more energy for you to start cleaning the other room.  

4. Keep the habit

Once you done all the room, and have a clutter free home, the most difficult thing is to keep it clean and see everything in perintah. Because no matter what, somehow people will forget about their goal.

Keep organizing things and make it your habit. Like hanging your keys on the designated place, don’t hang your used clothes keep them on the laundry right away, and stay away from those consumption living behavior.  

With all those being said and done, you will have a nice clutter free home which will bring you some peace and happiness in your own house. Awal living free from clutter and enjoy your life, because you deserved better.