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TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO Eny Yuliastutik, the lady behind all those beautiful tote bags.

Eny Yuliastutik, a local community of Probolinggo, East Java seems never wanted to rest in her late age. She now working in patchwork industry, and create lots of exotic items such as tote bag.

Her business started when she put more concern towards all those leftover fabrics her neighbor has. Her neighbor has a sewing business, the neighbor didn’t use the patches and sold it to another person. Eny then had berserakan idea and asked some of it for her trial.

She made decored some bags based on her skill she got when she joined a local workshop. Well, her hard work paid off, she now could produce around 100 pieces of patcwork tote bags in a week.

Not only stopping knowing tote bags, Eny also some other items with her patchworking skill. She put her skill on some purse, shoes and more. Up until now, she has managed to distribute her products to several daerah in the country.

She made her house as her workshop, a place where she works on her patchwork as well to display some of her products. This patchwork tote bag and her other products are quite affordable.

You could get it by ordering it online or go to her workshop at  Perum Sumber Taman Indah (STI), Jalan Taman Tirta Kelompok RE XI 02. You could also contact the number below to get your order.

“We have used our house as our workshop where we do everything here, from the making, displaying to the selling, ” Eny Yuliastutik, the lady behind those patchwork tote bags of Probolinggo said. (*)