Info seputar SGP Hari Ini 2020 – 2021.

TIMESINDONESIA, INDRAMAYU – Indramayu is well known to be the center of every best mango in the country. This city has Harum Manis, Gedong Gincu, Cengkir, and dozens other variety of mango that has been distributed to the whole country, including Agrimania.

Agrimania is typical mango of Indramayu that has higher value in the market. It said that the price is the highest amongst the other variety.

It has a huge size for a mango. One Agrimania mango could reach weight till 1, 2 kg – dua kg. It’s sweet and juicy. It has yellow to warna orange color and has typical nice smell of mango.

In the local conventional market, Agrimania mango will cost you around IDR 40 K/kg. And when it goes to grocery stores it will cost you twice around IDR 60 – 80 K.

This variety was invented by H. Urip, a local farmer of Indramayu in 1992. He and his parents were doing an experiment of mixing and transplanting the local mango with another tree.

“It was an accident. We didn’t even remember what tree we were mixed up. And there it goes the giant mango, ” H. Urip said on his farm at Situ Bolang agrotourism Indramayu on Monday (29/11/20200.

Up until now, he has penyerapan overload order for this kind of mango. He could only prepare 250 kg of Agrimania mango for his customers.

At his farm, he also cultivates the tree. For those who willing to have their very own Agrimania Mango tree of Indramayu, you could purchase for IDR 150 K – IDR satu, 5 M for a tree depends on the size. (*)