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TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Headache is not only painful but can also reduce your focus. Most people use painkillers to reduce the pain almost immediately. However, prolonged consumption of painkillers may cause adverse impacts on your health.

If the pain is still tolerable, prevent consumption of painkillers. According to detik.com, you can eat these fruits to relieve the pain.

1. Banana

This tropical fruit with a soft texture can be an alternative to relieve headaches. The contents of potassium and magnesium are ideal to relieve the pain. Magnesium also has calming properties, which are perfect to reduce stress or depression.

2. Watermelon

This refreshing fruit turns out to be a perfect alternative to relieve headaches. Dehydration may induce headache as a signal from your body for you to get hydrated immediately. Watermelons have a high content of water which can be a good mood booster while also relieving your headache.

3. Pineapple

The sour and sweet taste of pineapple can also help soothe a headache. The content of the bromelain enzyme has a natural property that reduces pain. This enzyme also has the property of anti-inflammation, which also help soothes headache.

4. Cucumber

With almost 95% content of water, cucumber is an ideal choice of fruit similar to watermelon which reduces dehydration, one of the causes of a severe headache.